Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (2023)

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  1. Nov 23, 2020


    While my frustration and bitterness towards the multiplayer remains stubbornly rigid in this most recent Call of Duty outing, it simply isn’t enough to impede my adulation for the campaign. If nothing else, you should play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War for the campaign alone. I really do believe it’s a worthwhile experience, and marks a return to form for Treyarch of old.

  2. Nov 23, 2020


    Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War comes to PC with superior graphic detail and advanced effects, but also a solid ray tracing implementation and very smooth performances thanks to DLSS 2.0 resampling.

  3. Nov 30, 2020


    Although short on content, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a dependable entry in the franchise with fast action and a variety of solid modes. The great zombies level and the nostalgic campaign are definitely the highlight, and the competitive multiplayer should become strong once it gets more maps and tweaks.

  4. One of the more middling entries in a franchise that is feeling more than its fair share of fatigue, and although it offers up a solid enough and serviceable experience for players, it unfortunately falls short of the lofty standards established by Modern Warfare.

  5. Nov 19, 2020


    The campaign keeps the player on the edge of his seat, to the point where you want to know more and hope to see a sequel to this story. The mechanics brought by the Story Mode, the dialogue choice and the impression of being protagonist give a real boost to the campaign, even if it represents only five to seven hours of play. The new multiplayer modes are great and bring a new dynamic, but the operators' movements limit our experience on these big maps. We're waiting for Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War to bring a lot more content and, most importantly, to see the integration of Warzone. The Zombie mode also brings a nice touch, with new mechanics that are great fun, except for the lack of cinematics.

  6. Dec 8, 2020


    The campaign of the new Call of Duty is unusually stupid, but the multiplayer doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel and cheerfully exploits its attractive Cold War setting. Together with the Zombies mode and Warzone integration, this is one hefty chunk of military content.

  7. Nov 19, 2020


    While its campaign is very fun and features great gameplay ideas wrapped in 1980s action movie codes, its multiplayer is disappointing. The weapons lack punch, the cards are few and unequal, the new modes are anecdotal, the whole is unbalanced.

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  1. VirtualStorm

    Mar 3, 2021


    Es el Mejor Juego de ACCION!!!! Me encanta :D pero si tiene unos graficasos que mi GTX no soporta ;v pero me encanta el juego :D!

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  2. Borbor617

    Jun 22, 2021


    +Очень интересная одиночная компания
    +Классный зомби режим+хороший звук и графикаМинусы:-Пропало "чувство оружия", как-будто
    +Очень интересная одиночная компания
    +Классный зомби режим
    +хороший звук и графика
    -Пропало "чувство оружия", как-будто стреляешь деревянной палкой, в предыдущей игре(2019) физика оружия была почти идеальна.
    -Очень быстрый геймплей(даже по меркам серии)
    -Мало карт в сетевой игре

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  3. LeManne

    Nov 15, 2020


    First, let me start off by saying that I had a generally good time with the campaign in this game. Levels are fun and it's always nice to seeFirst, let me start off by saying that I had a generally good time with the campaign in this game. Levels are fun and it's always nice to see returning characters from previous Black Ops games. The most interesting aspect of it is the titular Cold War era that it takes place in. Lots of mystery and great music from the time period. However, there are some noticeable bugs here and there, and certain recurring parts of the campaign (keeping vague to avoid spoilers) seem to not have the PC optimizations that the marketing team for the game seem to love to tout. Specifically, the game seems to just ignore the field of view you have selected in the options in favor of having a super zoomed in view that genuinely made me feel a little ill when moving around the environment. Other than these issues though, the story campaign was pretty fun (if short).

    Next, the main reason I have chosen to give this game such an average score: the multiplayer. Coming from CoD Modern Warfare 2019, the multiplayer in this game feels like a gigantic step backwards for the series. All movement in the game feels rather floaty, and actually shooting at enemy players just isn't fun. Coming from CoD2019, which felt grounded and "tactile", the multiplayer in this game just feels woefully underdeveloped. This is a real shame, as I remember loving the multiplayer of both Black Ops 1 and 2 back in the day.

    Apart from how the multiplayer feels, the game itself just looks blurry. I played the game using a 2080 Super GPU, and no matter what settings I changed, I just could not make the game look good. Also, once again coming back to PC optimization, it is baffling to me that there is no option to disable film grain as of this time. This decision makes the game look even more blurry, and made me feel as if I was playing while looking through some kind of Vaseline filter.

    If you told me that this CoD was from a few years ago, I would probably believe you. I remember booting up CoD 2019 when it first released last year, and I was surprised at just how "new" it felt. It felt exciting, like CoD was finally mixing things up with their movement system and how guns really had kick to them. Cold War in comparison feels flat and as if it is regressing in the great changes that were introduced just a year prior.

    I like Call of Duty games. They are a guilty pleasure of mine that I continue to play despite the greedy and consumer unfriendly decisions of publisher Activision (they charge full price WITH a battle pass, WITH a shop with microtransactions? That's insane!). I tend to buy the latest iteration of CoD each year, and most of the time I have a great time with it. This year though, just a few days after launch, I feel like dropping Black Ops Cold War. This doesn't feel like a polished product, and I feel major buyers remorse this time around.


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  4. Kennedy407

    Nov 20, 2020


    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Я решил выразить недовольство насчёт этой игры. Данное творение является полным олицетворением говна и прочей хуйни. Кампания норм и интересная, побочные квесты и две концовки. Положительные качества закончились. Мультиплеер полнейшее говно. полный дисбаланс оружий. Хочешь поиграть? Пососи хуй и страдай от пидарасов со снайпой и дробашами. Хочешь пострелять? Отсосите, МП5 просто всё ебет, но меня больше ебёт тут кривой ТТК и непонятность урона. То твое оружие выносит сразу противника, то должен весь магазин потратить, чтоб убить его, а он с 2 хп развернется и убьет с одного выстрела от дробаша. Про карты вообще молчу. Я могу от силы пару назвать карт. Это Кросродс, Москва( +-), тренировочный полигон, где рядом самолёт и ангар с танком. Респауны, они вернулись. Вроде умираешь и должен возродиться к своим, нет, надо возродиться рядом с противниками. Убили тебя на респе снайпер, ну ничего, пусть убьет тебя на том же месте. Хочешь поиграть нормально? Отсосите. Либо кемперы, либо дауны на снапах выносят тебя. Можно также дальше пиздеть и об оптимизации игры. Постоянные вылеты в зомби-режиме. Сегодня вышел патч, а именно 21.11.20 он принес нихуя ничего. Понерфить фамас. Ок, с этим можно согласиться, но зато надо апнуть мп5, который и так всех ебал, теперь он вообще все уничтожает все живое, как будто он превратился в некий Вектор. Играл в опорный пункт только что, так за минуту у нас три раза менялся респаун. Можно очень много писать про эту игру и она вышла сырой. Ошибки, и хуево туча проблем. Вся эта писанина ничего не даст. Про зомби можно сказать так. Это некое добавление режима Выживания из Call of duty Ghosts + и какаго-то вульфенштайна. Пасхалка в данный момент получилась короткой. Вряд ли эта игра пойдёт в гору. Очень много проблем. Общий прогресс за игру не засчитывается, то игра пишет, что ты должен ей 3 0 0 0 кодпоинтов, хотя ты только купил игру. Пишет тебе 6 уровень, показывается в другом месте 14, а в итоге у тебя прежний. Я забыл еще сказать про кроссплатформу. Играть с консольщиками полный пиздец. Привет автоаим. До Свидания, уборщики из колды! Expand

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  5. Piechy

    Nov 29, 2020

    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Campaign-
    The campaign had a couple of fun and interesting missions, just not enough to really get the user submerged within the story. Woods and Mason seem to barely remember anything that had previously happened and their interactions with Hudson and each other made them seem that they met about 2 weeks ago rather then the years of operations experience that they wouldve had. Dialogue was fake and sparse, and voice acting didnt live up to the expectations that were created by leaving James C Burns out of the picture. Story was an utter let down after the measly 2.5 hr campaign storyline.

    I'm giving this game a 0. Its a complete step back when compared to MW 2019. Animations are from BO4 and 2010 BO1. Gunsmith is a cheap and lazy knockoff of MW2019. Least amount of content released upon launch in COD history. Servers are poor and dated back to B02 days. Gunfights seem rng luck at best. Deadsilence is back and completely decimates anyone used to MW deadsilence. Sleight of hand is not within the game so you have to grind to max weapon level to unlock the magazine that includes improved weapon reload speeds. First field upgrade that you're given is a proximity mine................WHY THE F#*%$!!!!!!!! T3arc did well in removing claymores from MP but they left a proximity mine as a field upgrade. Graphics are clear but there is a serious step back with the treyarc filter as compared to MW. Operators are color bleached with the environment so its very difficult to see enemies (they knew this because there are flashlight weapon attachments). Head-glitching and corner camping are at an all time high within MP. So to all those people that said Treyarc doesn't promote camping, F#*(K off.


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  6. aztm22

    Mar 28, 2022

    I bought this game so i can enjoy it online with friends since the day it was released on PC, its been nothing but problems.

    I been getting

    I bought this game so i can enjoy it online with friends since the day it was released on PC, its been nothing but problems.

    I been getting errors with directx, I been getting connection problems, chat voice problems every update that comes out just end up screwing the game up.

    I had this problem on my custom gaming PC and gaming laptop, I gave up where I did not even buy the new cod game I am just tired of it


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  7. AdiQman

    Nov 18, 2020

    Canpaingn is creme de la creme of call of duty, bit short, but intense and polisher. Zombies, best incarnation since Black Ops II. But **** MYCanpaingn is creme de la creme of call of duty, bit short, but intense and polisher. Zombies, best incarnation since Black Ops II. But **** MY ASS, HOW BAD THIS PIECE OF **** IS. Day one cheaters, lack of content, there is no balance, just go MP5 and all it a day. TTK is too long, SBMM squezes my balls so hard that I dont want to play this game. I can have ONE, I say, ONE nice game, then it is five games sweating my balls off for K/D 0.2. Most of the maps are just picadilly level of BAD. But the worst **** thing is color pallet. I just cannot see the enemies. It is just impossible to spot your targets.
    All in all, SP and Zombies are great, but MP, in which we are supposed to spend most time in, is beyond BAD

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Should I choose Park or Lazar? ›

All that said, there's almost no difference if you choose to secure Lazar and leave Park behind, or the other way around. We advise you to save whoever you identified more with.

What is the best psychological profile Cold War? ›

What are the best Psychological Profiles in Black Ops Cold War?
  • Classified: No bonuses applied.
  • Paranoid: Aiming speed increased by 100 percent (ADS time halved)
  • Violent Tendencies: Bullet damage increased by 25 percent.
  • Lone Wolf: Initial sprint boost duration three times as long.
Jul 24, 2023

What happens if you lie in identity crisis? ›

If you lie during the 'Identity Crisis' scene and lead the team to the Duga radio installation, you've triggered either the bad or evil ending.

What is the secret code in Black Ops Cold War? ›

The code to the locked gate in the Safe House is 11-22-63. The main clue is the clipboard attached to the side of the doorway next to the lock. You can find the clues strapped onto clipboards scattered around the safe house itself.

What happens if you disobey Adler? ›

Repeatedly disobeying Adler in the final stretch of the level also awards the “The Red Door” Trophy/Achievement. The level will begin with Bell hearing Perseus' warning. “Adler is lying to you, do not trust him.” Adler will tell Bell he woke up in the middle of a firefight.

What happens if you save park instead of Lazar? ›

During a mission near the end of the story, the protagonist Bell has to decide between leaving Park behind or sacrificing Lazar. Either option will lead to death, making the decision a tough one for fans.

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